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Become a Justice Guardian

Leave a lasting Legacy

By leaving a gift in your will you can ensure that the power of the courts are unlocked for affected communities beyond our lifetime.

Your gift to Grata Fund will empower Australians to bring game-changing litigation that holds governments and corporate leaders to account on human rights, climate action and democracy.

By becoming a Grata Justice Guardian you could support:

  • First Nations’ People fighting unjust laws, police brutality and prison inequity;
  • Farmers and bushfire survivors demanding climate action;
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers demanding their human rights; and
  • Journalists, whistleblowers and campaigners safeguarding our democratic freedoms and right to know.

Your gift in your will has the power to benefit affected communities for generations to come. Become a Grata Justice Guardian today and leave a lasting legacy.


Enter your details to download a Gift in Will pack about the Grata Justice Guardian program. 

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