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Be Part Of 2021

Be part of game-changing Australian litigation

Courts are the in-built accountability tool in our democracy. They are the backstop to abuses of power by governments and corporate leaders. They make reasoned and transparent decisions based on actual facts, not those distorted by politics - so long as people can afford to access them.

In an age of fake news and alternative facts, it’s more urgent than ever that Australians are empowered to use the courts to strengthen and protect our democracy, our communities and our environment.

This year we have massive plans to develop and fund legal challenges that will push us into a world of facts and hold Government and corporate leaders accountable.

What's happening in 2021?

We will work with expert lawyers to enable Australians to bring groundbreaking legal challenges to:

  • Help affected communities hold governments accountable for the harms caused by climate change through a landmark legal challenge;
  • Stand alongside First Nations communities in their fight to end discrimination in housing, policing and other areas of their lives;
  • Renew our democracy by exposing what is done in our names by governments through Freedom of Information litigation and by defending our right to dissent from legislation that criminalises journalists, charities and people like you for speaking out.


I want to be part of game-changing Australian litigation.

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