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We provide adverse costs protection and disbursement funding for game-changing human rights, democratic freedoms and climate change litigation in Australia.

If this sounds like you, please tell us about your case below and we'll be in touch.

Click here for more detail about the Grata Fund application process.

Due to significant demand, case applications are currently closed, please check back to see when they reopen. 

A note on confidentiality: In order to assess your application, we will from time-to-time discuss your application with our legal partners. We only ever share information that is on the public record and never share confidential or sensitive information. If you would prefer that we not discuss your application with our legal partners, please specify below. 

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Please note: We do not provide legal services and we are unable to provide funding for your own legal fees. If you are looking for pro bono lawyers, we recommend you contact JusticeConnect at

While we try our best to respond to all genuine applications, given the high volume of requests for assistance we receive, we are not able to respond to applications for legal fee funding or for legal advice or representation.

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