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Support our ambitious plan for 2018

Support our ambitious plan for 2018

Strategic litigation is increasingly becoming a powerful tool for social change in Australia, and with your help we’ve been able to grow our capacity to fund cases that are already having an impact.

In a time when our democratic freedoms, human rights, and the environment are constantly under threat, it’s critical Australians can access the courts so they can hold governments and corporate leaders accountable for their actions.

This year, we plan to scale up our capacity to help more ordinary people take on cases that will create change in our community. Can you help make that happen by making a tax deductible donation today?

Your support led to the Australian Government back down on the draconian gag laws in the Border Force Act, which would’ve prevented doctors from speaking out against abuse in detention, and earlier this year Grata Fund members chipped in to enable shareholders to forcing CBA to consider the climate impacts of their investment decisions.

We know the new year will bring fresh challenges to fairness, equality, democracy and the environment in Australia. But you can be certain that with people like you by our side — we’ll be ready to take them on.

Help put our plan in action by making a tax deductible gift today.

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