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About Grata Fund

Grata Fund is Australia’s first specialist non-profit strategic litigation incubator and funder. Grata develops, funds, and builds sophisticated campaign architecture around high impact, strategic litigation brought by people and communities in Australia. We focus on communities, cases and campaigns that have the potential to break systemic gridlocks across human rights, climate action and democratic freedoms.

Grata removes the enormous financial barriers to court and supports people and communities facing injustice to integrate litigation with strategic movement-driven campaigns.

We specialise in granting recoverable adverse cost relief (guarantees) and disbursements (hard legal costs), both responsively to applications from people, communities and their legal representatives, and proactively developing litigation as well as legal education and training where there are capacity gaps in Australia’s legal community. We do not fund legal fees, solicitors or barristers, rather all legal work is provided pro bono. We are supported by our generous donors and do not receive any government funding.

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