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Volunteer With Us

Each year we have several intakes of volunteers who help with a range of legal and communication work. We prioritise students from UNSW Law who chose a work placement as part of their studies. We are currently accepting applications to fill multiple volunteer positions during the upcoming term at UNSW. The internships are one full day a week for the duration of the term. To apply, please email a cover letter, CV, and academic transcript to [email protected].

Grata Fund is committed to diversity and inclusion. Applications are strongly encouraged from First Nations people; people with a disability; people who identify as LGBTIQ+; and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Please read the below testimonials from our amazing volunteers!


Eloise Doherty, 2024

"An extremely rewarding experience! The work Grata Fund is engaged in is inspiring in itself. Having the opportunity to volunteer at Grata has not only been a rich experience but has also equipped me with a deeper understanding of the human rights, democratic and climate issues in Australia and how the law can be used as a tool to create systemic change."


Oscar Seifried, 2023

"The opportunity to intern at a place like Grata is truly wonderful – it is one of a kind! Working with both their legal and campaigning teams, I was given great insight into the remarkable and unique strategies that Grata implements, which put them at the forefront of the strategic litigation field.

The team are a joy to work with; driven and close-knit, they are all passionate to make real and long-lasting change. Their guidance and patience have given me a vital understanding of the nuances and complexities of public interest lawyering, providing me with many life-long skills and serving me well in the rest of my degree and career. I would strongly encourage anyone thinking of interning here to apply. These people are going places, and to be even a small part of their work is a privilege!"

Fatima Arifeen, 2023

"My internship at Grata was an enlightening and formative experience that has left an indelible mark on my journey towards becoming a legal professional and committed advocate for social justice. I am genuinely grateful for the unparalleled guidance, mentorship and encouragement I received from the team and for the practical legal skills I was able to develop in a nurturing environment that fostered my growth and learning. 

Through immersing myself in the areas of work across human rights, climate justice and democracy, I was able to solidify my passion for social justice and deepen my understanding of strategic litigation through public interest lawyering. I wholeheartedly recommend those interested in human rights and public interest advocacy to volunteer or intern at Grata for a truly worthwhile and positive experience."

Mun Lee, 2022

"My volunteer experience at Grata was nothing short of enlightening and rewarding. From day one, I was entrusted with the incredible task of explaining and summarising the complex concept of "Loss and Damages" to influential First Nations figures, Uncle Paul and Uncle Pabai, in preparation for their speech at COP27. Not only did I have the privilege of working on vital areas of human rights law, including LGBTQ+ rights, the right to protest, and First Nations rights, but I was also given the unique opportunity for one-on-one mentorship and meaningful work tailored to my interests and preferences.

While universities place significant emphasis on legal theories and philosophies, organisations like Grata go beyond by providing an equally essential third pillar — practical application in the real world. Through active participation in team meetings, webinars, and meaningful tasks, I gained an unparalleled understanding of what the practice of law truly entails in the real world, beyond exams, theories, and papers.

I am forever grateful to Courtney Law and the team at Grata for this unforgettable and invaluable experience. Volunteering at Grata has truly been amazing and has left a lasting impact on me both personally and professionally."

Jeremy Ma, 2023

"My internship at Grata Fund was a deeply fascinating and rewarding experience. As law students, public interest lawyering is not taught in our lectures. We learn about the issues that the law creates yet we learn little about how those issues can be remedied. The work of Grata Fund, and their amazing tight-knit team, reveals that public interest lawyering is an important conduit for change. In fact, an internship at Grata reveals that legal avenues are not the only way to enact social change - strategic campaigning plays an equally important role in advancing social justice causes. 

From Day One, I engaged with a variety of social issues ranging from Human Rights to Freedom of Information and First Nations issues. I developed strong research and practical skills whilst deepening my understanding of various causes across the country. The team at Grata Fund are lovely and are keen to foster your personal and professional development during your time with them. I am grateful to Grata Fund for what they have provided me and I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to volunteer or intern with the team!"


Alex Stefas, 2022

"An internship at Grata Fund is a practical insight into how strategic litigation funding supports some of the most important public interest disputes in Australia. During my time at Grata Fund, I had the opportunity to research and present on areas for strategic litigation, attend meetings with pro bono practitioners, and complete discrete legal research tasks. The team at Grata Fund are kind, diligent and supportive, creating a positive work environment for interns. I would highly recommend an internship at Grata Fund."


Jake Delaney, 2022

"Law curriculum often focuses on the problems the law creates, and the unjust burdens it imposes on particular members of our community. However, if you have ever wondered if the law can be harnessed to create positive change, volunteering with Grata Fund is a must. Grata Fund recognises the power of public interest litigation, and acts as a conduit for other legal organisations to realise their own public interest litigation goals, yet always prioritising the claimant’s interests. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work alongside the intelligent and compassionate Grata team, a team that is truly at the cutting edge of strategic litigation in so-called Australia. Grata was the most hands-on and engaging legal experience that I have had the privilege to undertake. Volunteering at Grata, you will have the opportunity to work on some ground-breaking cases, alongside a team that is committed and engaged in the work they do to an unrivalled degree."

Bianca Tolic, 2022

"Volunteering at Grata as a legal campaigning volunteer was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had at university. I had the opportunity to engage in legal campaigning where I was able to use the skills learned in both my law and commerce degrees to create materials for Grata's social media pages. I was able to educate and inform the community about critical issues such as climate change, freedom of information and police powers.

For me, the best part of volunteering at Grata was that I was able to make an impact that matters in the community. Grata's work changes lives and pushes forward reform. Although, Grata would not be what it is without its incredible team. The people at Grata are passionate, hardworking and kind. They are invested in creating sustainable change through litigation and advocacy. If you're interested in public law and social impact, I would highly recommend volunteering at Grata!"

Grace Farrell, 2022

"What sets Grata Fund apart? In my opinion, it’s their small and courageous team, independence from government funding, and focus on the ‘big picture’–leverageable legal progress and systemic change.

I would recommend an internship with Grata Fund to see how law can be creative, collaborative, and used to amplify voices outside traditional power structures. During my internship, I valued seeing how lawyers, campaigners, and creators worked together to communicate power and hope through strategic litigation’s potential.  I am grateful to have experienced Grata Fund’s innovative and fearless approach to systemic change and I look forward to finding opportunities to mirror it in my career."

Brianne Perera, 2022

"Volunteering at Grata Fund was an incredibly rewarding and insightful experience. As a public interest litigation funder, Grata lends a truly unique insight into what movement lawyering looks like in practice. Volunteers are given the opportunity to conduct meaningful legal research into areas of law including human rights, discrimination and climate change. 

Grata allows you to leverage the legal skills taught in law school in a way that seeks to empower the wider community. The team at Grata are also super supportive, kind and invested in your development. I highly recommend volunteering with Grata for anyone with a passion in human rights advocacy!"

Isabella Strapp, 2021

"My internship at Grata was an incredibly rewarding experience. Coming into the role I had an admittedly limited understanding of what public interest lawyering looked like in practice - how can the legal system be leveraged to make systemic change? After my time at Grata I have a far greater understanding of strategic litigation and the opportunities that exist in the social justice space. 

I cannot overstate how welcoming and supportive every member of the Grata team is. Their passion and dedication to their roles shapes a highly collaborative professional environment."

Maricarmen Wacher, 2021

I could not have asked for a more fascinating, meaningful, and diverse practical legal training experience. The quality of mentorship, positive organisational environment, and variety of work is unparalleled!

Vishal Karna, 2021

In Australia, volunteering at a public interest litigation funder like Grata is a rare and deeply rewarding experience. If the law is a language of power, then Grata is one of the few places where you can become more fluent in its expression, its content and its social context. All members of team Grata, including the volunteers, regularly engage with profound socio-legal issues that shape the rights, freedoms, burdens, resources and futures of so many, including the most vulnerable amongst us. Yet no matter how daunting the challenges, the team is always kind, supportive, collaborative and devoted to their mission.


Ed Conroy, 2020

"There were many things that I loved about interning at Grata. The team was really welcoming and friendly, and we shared many common interests. It was great to be in an environment with so many vibrant and passionate people who shared my interests. I also loved the work, itself. To be able to engage a broad array of legal skills to benefit those without access to the legal system was a very rewarding experience to have.

I would definitely recommend interning at Grata. The team environment is great, you can learn a lot, and it gives you such a great opportunity to contribute to the advancement of human rights and really make a difference."  

Alex Koduah, 2020

My interest in policy reform is what drew me to Grata. I was keen to be involved with an independent organisation that not only sought to challenge the out-dated status quo but also recognised and drew attention to its more subtle forms. Grata is one of these organisations, and I really enjoyed being able to work with those that recognised these subtleties in various forms. Whether they found them in public reports, media articles, or gaps in the literature, there was always a strong desire to call out these wrongs and undertake projects to search for and proffer a better alternative.

My part in these (often current and contentious) projects involved researching the literature and case law for these or similar wrongs in like circumstances, in order to draw out its implications or potential alternatives. Being involved in the early stages of trying to be the circuit-breaker and advocating for policy reform was what I found to be most fulfilling when interning at Grata.


Eugene Chow, 2020

"Volunteering at Grata was an incredibly rewarding and inspiring experience during my time at university. What I loved most about my time at Grata was being able to leverage my legal skills and make real contributions to public interest cases, and see first-hand how these cases can send ripples through the system and achieve lasting change for the better. 

 No two days are the same at Grata. Throughout my time here I got to work on a variety of public interest cases related to Indigenous rights, discrimination, police powers and climate change - to name a few. I also got to engage in strategic advocacy by contributing to Grata's reports and submissions. Not to mention, the team at Grata is fabulous! They are incredibly supportive and interested in your development, and it's so wonderful to work alongside innovative and like-minded individuals who share a passion for human rights and social justice. 

For those interested in public interest law and seeing strategic litigation in action, volunteering at Grata is a must!"

Anusha Thomas, 2020

"My internship at Grata Fund was one of the best I did during my time at university. It was a lightbulb moment for me of how I could leverage my legal skills to help change the law, and not just work within the broken system. I loved that I was able to be involved in the legal side as well as the community engagement side, something I'd never done before but can really see the value in now!

The team at Grata Fund is so supportive and so interested in your development. I couldn't recommend Grata Fund highly enough. The internship is ideal for any student who is interested in seeing the mechanics of making change."




Jono Barnett, 2020

As a law student, there are lots of worthy causes to intern or volunteer for where you can help marginalised people gain access to justice. However, if you want to learn about using the law to achieve systemic change beyond the individual, Grata Fund is a great place to be.

My highlights from interning with Grata included analysing a potential strategic discrimination law case and working on stakeholder communications for a freedom of political communication case. I still use lessons I learned from them in my work today. The team's experience and investment in your development make interning there a fantastic opportunity if you want to go into human rights and social justice work.


Sid Dissanayake, 2019

"Volunteering at Grata was an immensely rewarding experience, particularly as you work with people who are passionate about making long-term, structural change in Australian communities.  I had the opportunity to work on relevant and contemporary public interest issues across Australia related to Indigenous housing rights, police powers, climate change, government accountability and democratic rights. 

For me, the best part about volunteering at Grata is that you get to be creative and innovative. Whether it be designing graphics for social media content, writing articles and blog posts or developing your own legal research strategies. You get the freedom to use your own skills and talents to make a tangible impact in the community, all while working in a fun, warm and vibrant environment.

I highly recommend volunteering at Grata for students who have a keen interest in social impact and who want to experience what that looks like in a legal environment, outside of the classroom."


Frances Tso, 2019

"The nature of work that I engaged in during my internship was varied and diverse and ranged from legal research to executing the strategy behind their social media content. It was especially exciting to hear about Grata Fund in the news, even after I had concluded my internship. It gave me a sense of fulfillment and made me realise that the work that I did, even as an Intern, can have enduring and wide-reaching impacts on citizens’ access to justice and on the fabric of Australian democracy more generally.

I would highly recommend any interested applicants to apply to Grata! Regardless of whether you are early in your degree and simply looking to gain exposure into the public law industry or a seasoned law student reaching the end of your studies, I am confident that your time at Grata will be an enriching one!"

Perkins Lui, 2019  

"I applied to intern at Grata Fund because I think the organisation plays an important social role by helping communities overcome the often insurmountable financial barrier to public interest litigation. I had a very positive experience during my time interning at Grata Fund. The team was small but tight-knit, with experienced lawyers and campaigners very generous with their time in mentoring and guiding interns. 

The interns were all involved with substantive work, ranging from legal research to advocacy campaigns. This allowed me to maximise and benefit from my time at Grata Fund, developing transferable skills that I can use in future positions. I would definitely recommend Grata Fund as an ideal place to intern, and am sure you will enjoy the internship experience as much as I did."


Matt McLeod, 2019

"I interned at Grata because I was really keen to gain some experience in a legal organisation that places climate justice, democracy, and human rights at its core. During my internship, I conducted lots of research on important, current issues for use in potential litigation. In particular, I created extensive memos on federal FOI and racial vilification legislation – two topics that I found profoundly interesting and confronting.

My advice to anyone thinking about interning at Grata: do it! You’ll learn about new areas of law, collaborate with incredible activists and lawyers, and work in one of the loveliest teams ever (including Alan the dog!)."