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About Grata Fund

Grata Fund's mission is to enable Australians to hold governments and corporations accountable via litigation on human rights, democratic freedoms and climate change.

We launched in 2016 by supporting Doctors for Refugees and Fitzroy Legal Service to successfully overturn draconian gag laws in the Border Force Act which threatened doctors with 2 years in prison for reporting abuse in offshore detention centres. Since then, we’ve worked to support cases ranging on issues from remote Indigenous housing rights, to climate change risk, to technology and human rights.

Grata Fund works closely with the legal sector, campaigners and academia to develop and fund critical public interest litigation. Based at the UNSW Law Centres Precinct in Sydney, we plan to grow our young organisation into the leading strategic litigation incubator in the country.

Grata Fund hires for potential, not just experience. We make a particular effort to recruit women and people of colour.