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Grata provides adverse costs protection and disbursement funding for game-changing human rights, democratic freedoms and climate change litigation in Australia.

If you have had a Freedom of Information (FOI) request refused on one of the bases listed in our FOI Hitlist, then please lodge an application for support.

Before you submit your inquiry, please check that it matches the required criteria for consideration of support by Grata Fund:

  • Are you an individual, member of a not-for-profit organisation, freelance journalist, or journalist working for a small, independent media organisation?
  • Does the information you are seeking impact vulnerable or marginalised groups of people (for example refugees and people seeking asylum, people from the LGBTIQ community, people living with disabilities, women in all their diversity, First Nations communities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, elderly people or other vulnerable groups)?
  • Has your FOI been refused on one of the bases listed in our FOI Hit List report?
  • Has your FOI already been through internal departmental/Ministerial review, or review by the Office of the Information Commissioner?
  • Do you have, or have you tried to get, legal representation?

What is your case about?

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