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Richard George

Richard George

Head of Strategic Communication

Richard George has been an environmental and human rights campaigner for almost 20 years.

Before joining Grata, Richard worked at Greenpeace in the UK, heading up campaigns to stop forest destruction and human rights abuses in the palm oil industry. This included brokering new commitments to monitor for deforestation and introducing new levels of transparency into the commodities trade. He oversaw campaigns to hasten the end of the fossil fuel sector, including securing a 2030 phase out for new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars and vans, and successfully opposing a £7 billion Covid-19 bailout for the UK aviation industry.

Richard has supported local campaigns opposing destructive road and airport expansion schemes and promoting sustainable transport, as well as helped communities in Southeast Asia to assert their land rights. He has a master's degree in British History from London's Birkbeck University and a bachelor's degree in film and video production.