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Grata Fund supports public interest legal cases that could benefit the wider community. We focus on cases in human rights, democracy and climate change across Australia. 

Grata Fund gives limited financial support so you don’t have to pay all of the other side’s legal bills if you lose your case. We also give funds to cover the costs of going to court, like court filing fees or expert reports.    

We receive a large number of applications and unfortunately, we can’t provide funding in all cases.

**Due to high demand we're currently closed for case applications**

Click here for more detail about the Grata Fund application process

A note on confidentiality: As part of the funding process, we will sometimes discuss your application with our legal partners. We only ever share information that is already public and never share confidential or sensitive information. If you do not want us to discuss your application with our legal partners, please let us know.

Please note: We can’t give you legal advice or be your lawyers in court. We can’t pay for your lawyers.

If you’re looking for pro bono (free) lawyers, you can contact JusticeConnect at If you need legal advice, please speak with your local community legal centre or Legal Aid office.


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