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Make a donation before tax time!

Will you donate what you can now before tax time?

The Grata Fund Community has chipped in to support cases that will shape Australia for years to come.

  • We’ve removed financial hurdles for Doctors for Refugees and the Fitzroy Legal Service to overturn gag laws in the Border Force Act that threatened doctors with 2 years in jail for reporting abuse in offshore detention centres.

  • We’ve funded and empowered Indigenous activists to hold internet mega-giants to account for profiting from violent hate speech online.  

  • We’ve supported disability advocates Nadia Mattiazzo and Graeme Innes AM to take Commbank on with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre over technology that likely breaches the human rights of hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities and aging Australians.

But all of our work so far has been coordinated by just one full time staff member and a small army of volunteers. There’s *HUGE* capacity to grow and boost the Grata Fund’s work, simply by funding more cases and being able to make change inside and outside the courtroom. There’s so much more work to be done.

Grata Fund is ready to beef up its operations to develop and fund massive new public interest cases, but it’s only possible if we secure more support. Donations now will help the Grata Fund support more cases to victory.

Donations will be counted towards your tax deductions for the financial year as the Grata Fund has tax deductible status.

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