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Defend our right to know

Our FOI system is a powerful, but lesser known democratic accountability tool,
that has enormous ability to expose wrongdoing. 

But Australia’s FOI system is run down, and secrecy is festering — and it’s keeping us all in the dark on issues that affect our lives. 

Which is why we're getting back to work on FOI, starting with a mass-scale FOI training push to give journalists, lawyers, advocates, and everyday people the tools to fight secrecy, and putting reform on the government's agenda.

With enough funding, we'll:

  • Run 3 x FOI trainings with a team of FOI experts over 6 months
  • Create refreshed, top-quality training resources and distribute widely
  • Scale up our digital storytelling making clear what’s going wrong in FOI, and why it’s important, reaching thousands of people Australia-wide.

The more people who can make effective FOI requests, the more we can get hold of government information that shows everyone just how critical FOI is. And the more powerful litigation opportunities will open up — where there is the opportunity to force the government to act to fix our FOI system.

With your support:

  • $50 could help fund one FOI training session with experts, training up to 30 people

  • $100 could enable us to run two more training sessions, reaching hundreds more people, and refresh top quality resources

  • $250 could fund a massive public campaign in the media and online leading up to the FOI report release in December

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia.

ABN 16 605 441 638

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Grata Fund Limited 
BSB: 313 140
Account Number: 12 239 644

Please include your full name in the reference and email us at hann[email protected] so that we can send a receipt for your gift.

If we raise more than the cost of this campaign, your donation will be used to help cover the cost of ongoing, important Grata work.

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