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Our cases are supported by people power

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The financial barriers to justice are real and that’s why we need you to join the movement by making a tax deductible donation to help get these landmark cases to the courts.

$100 could fund court filing fees and printing costs;

$250 could
support communities suffering the impacts of climate change to hold governments accountable for the harms caused in a landmark legal challenge;

$500 could fund urgent litigation funding to more First Nations people who are tackling police brutality and prison inequity in court;

$1,000 could fund adverse costs protection for journalists, charities and whistleblowers. 

If you’d like to invest in long term change you can make a regular contribution to Grata fund. Click here to become a Justice Defender.

If we raise more than the cost of this campaign, your donation will be used to help cover the cost of ongoing, important Grata work.

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Contributions are tax deductible.