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Protect refugees from COVID-19

Refugees in detention, are at risk from Covid-19 and urgently need your support. Donate to support the first person's case which will argue that Minister Dutton has duty of care to those in detention and must take urgent action to protect the right to health during the pandemic. 

$100 could fund social advertising to raise the profile of the vulnerable people in detention;

$250 could help get the vital financial protection needed for this person to get his case to court; or

$500 could help raise the profile of the case and put pressure on Minister Dutton to act now to protect others in detention.

Please donate today to help this man trapped in dangerous detention get his case to court and increase the pressure on Minister Dutton to take action to protect the health of all men, women and children locked in detention centres. 

If we raise more than what's needed for this case, your donation to Grata Fund will be used to support other ground-breaking litigation. 

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